About Us


black lives matter suffragette sash
fabric sash created for Women’s March #powertothepolls

“Artivists for Social Change” is a local art-activist movement that partners with others to create positive-visioning art that educates, inspires, and transforms societal divisiveness into re-connection … creating an uplifting future for all.


  • Fall 2019: Exeter LitFest becomes 501c3 non-profit
  • Spring & Summer 2019: Community Remembrance project / Black Exeter NH

    Incident at Exeter Tavern by RM Allen 2020
    New for 2020! A feministy mini-mystery set in Exeter, now and in 1776. Our artist-sleuth learns about Exeter’s historic black community.
  • April 5-6, 2019: First Annual “Exeter LitFest” at the town hall and downtown, w/ LitFest Steering Cmte / ExeterLitFest.com
  • Winter 2018: Create mural “Women in Literature” for LitFest, w/LitFest Steering Cmte.
  • Summer-Fall 2018: Create  signage for electric/hybrid vehicle parade (Sept 16th, 1-3pm) in Exeter at the Bandstand, w/ Exeter NH Transition Town & Exeter Energy  Cmte.
  • Spring-Winter 2018: “Persistence” a 30-minute micro-theater of spoken word w/ Persistance Players, for local coffeehouse
  • Spring 2018: Call for Exeter Literary Festival and Map steering cmte  (now closed)
  • Oct 2017: “Transitions” Art Show, w/Exeter Arts Committee
  • Sept – Oct 2017: “Culture Keeper | Culture Makers”, w/Racial Unity Team, Exeter
  • June 2017: “Seacoast Open Studio” Town Hall, w/Exeter Arts Committee
  • 350-nh-windmills-and-sunflowers-2015
    These props we made for 350NH have been in many marches and photos, since 2015!

    May 2017: “Homegrown Art & Music Festival” on Swasey Parkway, w/TEAM

  • April 2017: “Peoples Climate Mobilization”, 350.org
  • April 2017: “March for Science”
  • Jan. 2017: “Women’s March” Portsmouth, Concord, Boston, DC, etc
  • 2016 – we gathered!


  • Environment
  • Diversity
  • Inequity
  • Women & Families
“Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone” (published in the We’Moon Datebook for 2019 “Fanning the Flame” issue p. 149, available at https://wemoon.ws/ )


April 2019 Exeter LitFest:




September 2018 EV Test Drives & Local Owners Showcase:  http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20180913/free-test-drives-of-electric-cars-in-exeter

August 2017 Racial Unity art class & walk: 


Feb 2017  Our clean-energy mural project: http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20170212/area-arts-artists-for-social-change-to-create-art-with-purpose