Mural #3 “Women Writers of Exeter”

Our third and final mural is nearly done. You will be able to see it in the art show at the Exeter, NH LitFest this April 2019 but here is a sneak peek.


We came up with over 25 women from Exeters: novelists, poets, historians, children’s authors, and one screenwriter. You may have heard of some of them – hec you may even know some of them! But there are others you may want to discover. My favorite is the early feminist Tabitha Gilman Tenney, who published a female version of a Don Quixote type book in 1801. Here is a quote from the book:

Those enemies to female improvement thought a woman had no business with any book but the bible, or perhaps the art of cookery; believing that everything beyond these served only to disqualify her for the duties of domestic life.”

This was a radical statement in 1801. In her honor, I am sewing an 1801 style gown for the LitFest kick-off costume/cosplay party. What fun!!

This mural is meant to inspire the girls and women of Exeter to get to work on their own story. Seriously. If you have been waiting for a sign or a nudge, consider this IT. People want to hear your voice, and understand your perspective – so that the world may have a more complete view of society and history.

There is a little extra space on the mural for your name 🙂

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