Introducing the “Persistance Players”


The Artivists voted to do performance art as their spring 2018 project! Led by playwright Bruce Menin, the team has produced a show entitled “Persistance”. The successful opening night was at the May “First Friday CoffeeHouse” at FUUSE, in Exeter.

“Persistance” is a 30-minute show consisting of three 5-minute pop-up plays, with poetry and music interspersed. Themes will include: MeToo, Taking a Knee and more. All material was written by the players themselves and the neophyte thesbians will show us ways to overcome divisiveness and create connection on current hot-button topics.

Here is a sample of one of our 5-minute pop-up plays, The Grab by RM Allen. The topic is groping and how to stop it. If you want to perform “The Grab”  in your own group you may do so, please credit the author. And let us know how it went!!

The script is here: The Grab play by RM Allen


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