Clean Energy Vision mural travel schedule 2017

exeter clean energy mural NH w artivists
a few of the dozen artivists who worked on this mural

CLEAN ENERGY MURAL 2017: Local artivists invite you to step into a vision of downtown Exeter in the renewable and sustainable future depicted in their eight-foot mural. Find yourself on these streets… “Try them on” for a minute…. Wonder what would it actually be like if…. ? You may even recognize a few local folks! Who is that man and his dog?

Lady Justice presides over the top/center of the mural, and in her scales perfectly balance the earth and the economy. Hmm. How can we all come together now and balance the scales, if not for us, then for our children and grandchildren?

See it in person:

  • April 7-23, 2017: Spring Renaissance Art Show, Exeter Town Hall ( for time/s)
  • April 29th, 1-3pm: Dam-Free Fest at Founder’s Park, 4 Chestnut St (
  • May 5th, First Fridays, Town Hall steps
  • May 6th, YMCA  Youth Art event with T.E.A.M. (
  • May 7th & 14th, Exeter Unitarian-Universalist Church,  9-11:30am,12 Elm St.
  • May 20th, 11-6pm: Exeter Arts & Music Fest, Swasey Parkway (
  • May 21st, 10-4pm: Art & Soul Spring Artisan Show, Farm at Eastman’s Corner, 267 South Rd, Kensington
  • June 1- 12th:  Seacoast Open Studio Spring Art Show, Exeter Town Hall ( for time/s usually Sat & Sun 12-4pm)
  • June 20- July 14th: “Neighboring” Art Exhibition, at Phillip’s Exeter Academy’s summer gallery (at the entrance to Swasey Pkwy) at 229 Water St, Exeter
  • July 15- Sept. 11th: Exeter Public Library
  • Sept 12th: meeting at Old Town Hall Exeter, 9 Front St
  • Sept 23rd: TEAM Equinox Festival, Swasey Parkway
  • Sept. 25 –   : Exeter Town Offices, Clerk’s Office


A dozen local artivists contributed to this project with either poetry, pencils, paintbrushes, fabric, wood, drills or glue. Please read more about their projects or see how you can become an artivist yourself at

Gratitude to Exeter Lumber for the donation of the MDO wooden panel!


On location at the April 29th Dam Free Fest and People’s Climate mini-march,

full recap below pix.

Exeter Dam Free Climate March 2017 montage

On an unusually warm spring day, the Dam-Free Fest was held alongside the raging river at the site of the recent dam removal. Children, bubbles, flowers, and colorful art filled the park. Early on, folks participated in yoga by the river, poster and button-making, and just chatting with friends they hadn’t seen all winter. FUUSE Artivists used the river fence as a gallery to hang their Clean Energy Vision mural, photos of the dam removal project, and large banners that were part of their art-installation in support of clean energy (spinning wind turbines and all), and created lots of boldly-colored sidewalk art. T.E.A.M., who promotes the local art and music scene, had a very active table with info on upcoming shows and festivals. Much of the day was filmed by Exeter TV 98, as part of a dam documentary.

peoples climate 2017 exeter nh (9)

Think globally, act locally it is said. 375 similar marches were held around the globe that same day, including 200,000 people in Washington, DC, who formed a circle around the White House in support of a healthy climate. Our small town rally was the first time many folks had marched, or witnessed a climate march. Our mini-march was peaceful and fun, and perhaps helps to open a discussion among neighbors of differing minds.

Local folks are now encouraged to interrogate their own life and see where they need to divest from some things, and invest in others – from lightbulbs, to cars, to food, to energy, to portfolios: the Butterfly Effect.


Science March 2017

Video of event by Exeter TV98 here:


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