“Virtual” Women’s March Photo-Booth

To bring the highly successful global “Women’s March” home to Exeter so that folks who couldn’t make it on Januray 21 could participate in this historic event, we created a “Virtual March.” This art installation took the form of a photo booth full of signs that had been to various marches around the region. We asked people to bring in their signs, banners, hats and other wearables, then we used them to create a display booth inside which folks could take selfies for social media or for their mantle.

renay-and-mollieThis got people talking about women’s issues and sharing their thoughts and pictures on social media.
womens-march-on-boston-common-2017This art installation also showcased the creativity of wonderful local folks who will speak up for their values in the public square… local people who unite in a thoughtful, peaceful and cooperative manner to help move all groups forward.

After all, women’s rights are human rights.